Opinion about the Airsoft Innovation 40Mike

I’m seeing lots of discussions about the Airsoft Innovations 40 mike after I released my latest gameplay.

So here’s my opinion:

What I really like about the 40 mike is that it’s a new concept. It’s quite rare in Airsoft that new innovations hit the market and I think manufacturers who take the financial risk to actually develop something new have to be supported. In Airsoft we don’t wanna go back to the time where everybody just copies Tokyo Marui right?

On the other hand I understand the concerns people have about the 40 mike. The 150 BBs in less that ⅓ of a second just sound terrifying.

I let my friend (the guy I shot in the beginning) shoot me with the 40 mike before I started using it in game. I hurt like a &%/$§”§$%. However it didn’t leave any marks on my skin like a Green Gas pistol would leave at this distance. And for 300 fps pistols we don’t have minimal engagement distance in Austria.

The 240 fps of the 40 mike result in around 0.5 Joule which is not a lot. It’s like one of these Toys’R’Us BB guns for kids.
The pain caused is purely due to the immense volume of BBs. It think it can be compared to getting shot by a football I guess. High energy, lots of pain, but no injuries caused.

The only thing I would be seriously worried about it is getting shot by a 40 mike in the face at close range without wearing a mask. The human body can handle fast traveling BBs quite easily – except the face. Lips and teeth will get destroyed by 150 BBs – even if it’s only 0.5 Joules.

Dear fields which allow the 40 mike,
Thanks for not suppressing technical progress in our great hobby. However I highly recommend to make facemasks mandatory at your field. Even if there is a minimal engagement distances – mistakes happen and nobody wants to see a guy with his lips in pieces and 4 teeth shot out.

Do I think the 40 mike should be allowed at fields?

Honestly I don’t know. Even tho I don’t worry that anybody will get seriously injured with the 40 mike, I’m afraid that the pain caused by it will start fights at fields. Eventually people will get really mad and would not come back to the field. We don’t want to lose people in our already small community.

On the other hand the 40 mike will add to the dynamics of the game, just like airsoft granades did. And it finally makes sense to use an under barrel 40mm grenade launcher – not just for looks.

Let me know your opinion about the airsoft innovations 40 mike in the comments, I’m curious about what you guys think.