Runcam Scopecam 2


This small, easy-to-use scope camera lets you record each of your shots with great image quality. The camera can be attached to any standard NATO/Picatinny rail that can be found on most guns. The Runcam 2 has a built-in battery, that will last you for 240 minutes with the highest resolution setup (1080P@60fps).

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Compatible with micro SD cards up to 128GB.

You can choose between these lenses:
3,6mm Lens – best for pistols & shotguns (CQB range)
25mm Lens – best for rifles & SMGs (Medium range)
40mm Lens – best for sniper rifles (Long range)

The 40mm version doesn’t work with the NOVRITSCH scope and mount. It is too long. A better way is to mount it on the barrel with this mount.

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