Airsoft Apparel & Safety

Being properly dressed and equipped for airsoft is crucial. From non-fogging goggles to uniforms and solid boots, we have you covered. With all the airsoft experience in our team, we opted for things we actually use and love.

Airsoft Helmets (8)

Face & Eye Pro (15)

Apparel (35)

Airsoft Tactical Gloves (6)

Airsoft Footwear (6)

Patches (25)

What gear do you need for airsoft?

In terms of gear, you could think of 3 main categories of gear worth considering. To sum it up briefly:

  1. Mandatory gear: This is the gear you should absolutely have for an airsoft game. In this category goes solid and comfortable boots, proper safety glasses/goggles and a mesh mask.
  2. Quality of life gear: Items that have a notable impact on your airsoft experience and we would definitely recommend getting them. Here you have tactical gloves that reduce pain in case of a finger hit, kneepads or tactical pants with integrated kneepads that allow smooth movement and a load-bearing platform (A Plate Carrier, Battlebelt or a Chest rig) to carry your extra gear.
  3. Cool-to-have gear: Last goes the gear that's not really necessary but still makes your life easier. In this bracket, you'll find things like airsoft helmets, premium tactical boots or premium facemasks.

Regardless of what you need, we at Novritsch aim to cover your needs with only the items that we ourselves use and recommend. This way we can ensure the best airsoft experience possible.

How much does airsoft gear cost?

This is about the same as with any type of goods - you can go super cheap, starting off with just simple safety glasses and a mesh mask costing under 30 €.

On the other hand, a full gear including a tactical helmet, premium face protection, a Plate Carrier with all sorts of pouches, radio communications, etc. can go even above 1 000 €. You know the cliché - the sky is the limit. And with an evergrowing amount of options on the market, you can customize the heck out of your airsoft gear.