Airsoft Carrying

Carrying everything you need is a challenge. We covered all the important items:

Load bearing – Base platforms for any gear (Plate carriers, Battlebelts, etc.)
Pouches – Developed in-house, with improved retention & plastic inserts.
Holsters – Effective sidearm carrying platforms for (not only) our pistols
Transport – Cases and bags to carry your gear around

Load Bearing (9)

Pouches (23)

Airsoft Holster (15)

Transport (13)

What's the best way to carry my gear?

There are multiple ways you can opt for when carrying your gear around any field. Ultimately, you will always be balancing between carrying capacity and weight. For that reason, the best way to carry your gear strongly depends on the way you actually play airsoft. 

If you run around a lot, make your gear as light as possible. Don't struggle with unnecessary pouches and heavy equipment. Just get a lightweight platform - either Chest Rig or a Battlebelt - put on two pouches for your primary replica, one pouch for your secondary magazine, a holster and you're good to go.

If you want to go for a longer game or have more protection against BBs, then opt for a larger base platform. For these cases, it's a good idea to run more pouches for all your guns, as well as a radio pouch, grenade pouches and a universal pouch for your mobile phone and other small items. Buy these and play around with their placement on your body. Each one of us has a preferred way of carrying gear.

Battlebelts or Plate Carriers: Which are better?

For most people playing regular AEG rifles, Plate Carriers are often considered to be the best solution. Getting hit by a BB in your torso doesn't hurt and on top of that, you can carry everything you need, even for a longer game.

If you are an airsoft sniper, Battlebelts are generally superior. They offer maximum mobility at the cost of carrying capacity. However, that's not a concern for airsoft snipers, as they don't need as much gear.

Useful Sniper Gear Tips

For your base platform, grab a Battlebelt or a Chest Rig. It's gonna offer you more mobility which is useful both when moving and when laying down, waiting for your target.

Use full seal pouches for your magazines! It makes little sense to buy the most expensive, precision airsoft sniper rifle if you then shove in a dirty magazine just because you laid down in dirt somewhere. Trust us, it doesn't help the accuracy at all. Check out our pouches for a true seal, we offer variants for the most common sniper magazines. 

Keep it lightweight. Snipers need to relocate quite often and as they are most likely being shot at from a distance, there is no real need for heavier protective gear. From our experience, it's a good thing to keep it as light as possible.

Match your colors. Regardless if you play with a Ghillie or not, it's a good idea to pick a gear color that matches your environment. It may gain you the extra second you need to pull the trigger. And in our opinion, that's worth it.

Tactical Chest Rigs: Who are they for?

If you're on a budget, a Chest Rig is the cheapest option. They are also super lightweight as there is no Plate support as we know from a Plate Carrier. This makes them easy to move in.

To clear it out, Chest Rigs are for those players who prefer a gear placement similar to what you would've seen with a plate carrier but with as little weight as possible.