Airsoft Slings & Mounts

Slings are perfect for longer games, they can make your life more convenient:

  • Slings in general are a helpful addition to your setup.
  • QD Slings allow for a faster and more resistant sling attachment thanks to QD sling swivels.

And there are all sorts of mounts that are great for mounting cameras, flashlights and bipods on your Picatinny or M-LOK rails.

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How do I choose a proper sling?

A sturdy sling can really be helpful during longer games and when you play with two replicas. During transitions, it is more convenient to have your rifle attached to your body and have it ready when you need it again.

  • The simple Rifle Sling allows you to hang your rifle the way it is most convenient for you, and it is not going to make any unnecessary noises made by too many buckles.
  • The QD Sling is extremely practical, thanks to the button-styled attachment points. If you have an M4-styled replica (or any other with a QD mount), definitely grab this one.

The QD slings are universal and allow you to find the best setting for you. You can choose between a 1-point sling configuration for CQBs and fast-paced games or a 2-point sling configuration for longer MILSIMs when you need to carry your rifle for a longer time and want to have your hands free.

What is a QD mounting system?

The QD - Quick Disconnect - mounting system consists of two parts, a push button swivel and a QD socket. To connect, simply press the button to push the pin into the corresponding socket. To remove it, simply push the button again and pull the swivel.

With the QD attachment system, it's a matter of seconds to convert from a 1-point sling to a 2-point one or to put it on another rifle.


Picatinny riser: Helps with face masks

Sometimes, when using face masks, your Red Dot can be too low, and it would be more convenient if you could mount it a bit higher. That's when our sturdy Picatinny riser comes in handy.

It comes in two sizes, the small allows a 1cm rise and the medium allows a 2cm rise. They are designed to have the same length as the Red Dot V3 & T1 style Red Dots.