SSG10 Shipment status

This site is created for those who can't wait to receive their SSG10

Preorders for SSG10 A1

Order #Status
Orders # 0- 243699Batch #2: Sold out and shipped.
Orders from # 243700 Batch #3: Sold out and shipped.
Orders from # 277160 Batch #4: We started shipping out on 24th of September. The SSG10 A1  is in stock now.

Preorders for SSG10 A2

Order #Status
Orders #0 - 255699Batch #2: Sold out and shipped.
Orders from 255700Batch #3: Started shipping out by end of July. The SSG-10 A2 is in stock now.

Detailed Shipping Updates

  • 29. September The SS10 is in stock now.
  • 29. September Our warehouse finally caught up and 98 % of preorders have been shipped out.
  • 24. September We are starting to ship out orders today. Your status might stay "on preorder" for 3-4 more days, as we need some time to get everything shipped. Thank you for your patience!
  • 22. September The container is arriving at our warehouse today. After unloading and inbounding, we will start shipping out your orders on Thursday.
  • 17. September Good news! The SSG10 passed the customs check and will arrive at our warehouse mid of next week.
  • 16. September The ship arrived to the harbour and the SSG10 are in customs clearance now.
  • 07. September Unfortunately there was another delay when reloading the container in Singapore and the ship will only arrive to Europe now on 16th of September. We tried to speed up the shipment, however sea freights are very inflexible.
  • 13. August Our logistics partner informed us that unfortunately, the container with the SSG-10 Batch#4 is delayed and that the ship should arrive at the European harbour on 9th of September.
  • 04. August The SSG-10 A2 is in stock now.
  • 24. July We already sent 80 % of the A2 orders and will finish shipping next week.
  • 13. July Batch #4 is planned to arrive at the European harbour on 20th of August.
  • 02. July We expect to have shipped 90 % of A1 preorders by Friday.
  • 01. July We are starting to ship SSG-10 A1 orders today!
  • 30. June The container finally arrived! Our team is unloading now.
  • 29. June The SSG-10 shipment is planned to arrive at our warehouse tomorrow. After unloading, inbounding and quality control, we will start shipping out A1 versions at the end of the week.
  • 20. June The container ship arrived to the harbour finally. Customs clearance is in progress.
  • 11. June The container ship with Batch#3 on it will arrive on 16th of June. We are already preparing for customs clearance.
  • 27. May Batch#2 sold out for A2 and we opened a new batch that is planned to start shipping out around end of July.
  • 15. May  Batch #3 has finished production and is on the way to board the ship to Europe. Planned date to arrive in the European harbour is 19th of June.
  • 14. May We are planning on finishing shipping out mid of next week. (For some orders we are waiting for parts to arrive to the warehouse.)
  • 11. May We already shipped out 70 % of all orders and continue shipping out today.
  • 9. May In order to not delay your orders too much, our warehouse also packed on Saturday.
  • 05. May Preorder for Batch#3 was started today.
  • 04. May Currently we are still working on inbounding some products from the delivery. We will start shipping out orders today already. We need to ship out a big amount of orders, but we will do our best to pack and ship as fast as possible. Our service team might also take more than 24 hours to answer right now, as there was a public holiday on Friday and many of you are asking when their package will arrive. We hope you are looking forward to receiving your orders. Watch out for the packages with Novritsch tape around them! 🙂
  • 30. April The container will arrive within the next minutes and we will start unloading. We already start switching order statuses to preparing package, so that our warehouse can start packing as soon as possible. We expect to ship out the first packages on Monday. (Tomorrow is a public holiday and shipping providers will not pick up until Monday.) It is a lot of preorders, so please give us a bit of time to ship everything. Thank you for your patience and understanding!
  • 27. April Our container is already on the way to Austria and should arrive to Vienna on Thursday, 30th of April.
  • 24. April Finally, after quite some discussions with the Slovenian authorities, our container was released from customs!
  • 20. April We got informed that our container is still in Slovenia. We are now waiting for an update from customs. It can be a challenge to transport airsoft guns... We will keep you updated on the progress.
  • 14. April The container should arrive to Vienna on Monday, 20th of April. 
  • 10. April The ship will finally arrive to Europe on 13th of April. On Monday the cargo will get unloaded and we prepared everything for clearance already, so that we can bring goods to our warehouse as soon as possible. We will keep you updated and are really looking forward to receive the SSG-10 after such a long time waiting!
  • 02. April Our shipping provided confirmed that the container is on board of the ship heading to Europe. 
  • 23. March Today we were informed that due to the global crisis which is also affecting the worldwide transport network, the container arrival to Europe was pushed back to 14th of April. We are sorry to not have better news. As soon as the goods arrive to Europe, we will do everything possible to get them to our warehouse as fast as we can.
  • 18. March Thank you for your patience. We are looking forward to April, to receive the SSG10 A1 container in Europe finally.
  • 12. March We would like to inform you about the current status of the SSG10 A1 Batch 2. We worked really hard to make sure that there will be enough SSG10s in stock and that Batch 2 will arrive soon. We were excited to finally ship your preorders mid of March but we want to be open about what is happening and that we are facing a delay. 
    The SSG10s A1 are being transported via cargo ship from Asia to Europe and we've got notified that the vessel in the transfer harbor of Singapore was unable to load all the planned export cargo including our shipment. Now our container was checked and re-scheduled for the next available vessel, which will only arrive in Europe by the 4th of April.
    We're doing our best to speed up the transport process and for now, it seems that mid of April will be the best we can do to ship the SSG10 A1 to you. We are very sorry for the inconvenience and that you have to wait for such a long time to receive your rifle. We will inform you here as soon as we receive more information.
  • 04. March Unfortunately we were informed by our logistics partner today that our container did not arrive to Koper (Slovenian Harbour) on Saturday as planned, but was delayed due to an error of the ocean carrier. We are currently waiting for more precise information, but are afraid that this will delay the shipment for three to four weeks. As soon as we have confirmed information, we will send out an information email to everybody who preordered the SSG-10 A1. We are really sorry that we do not have better news.
  • 17. February We already forwarded documents to customs to make release as fast as possible.
  • 1. February Batch #2 is already on the way to Europe and the ship is expected to arrive in Koper, Slovenia by end of February.