SSR15 Shipment status

This site is created for those who can't wait to receive their SSR15

Preorders for SSR15

StatusExpected Shipping Date
On Preorder (<1 Joule Variant & Orders to Germany only) Early 2021

Detailed Shipping Updates

  • 15. October A limited quantity of full auto-enabled SSR15 of ~1.5 and ~1.13 Joules are available in stock
  • 05. October We are starting to ship out the "Waiting for F-Mark" orders now. Your order status will change to "preparing package" then.
  • 29. September The quality control of the laser engraved guns was finished and they will get shipped back to our warehouse. We expect them to arrive latest by Friday and we will start shipping out then.
  • 25. September The SSR15 which were laser engraved were sent out for quality control.
  • 24. September Today all SSR15 waiting for F-mark were laser engraved.
  • 21. September We received the confirmation by PTB in Germany for the F certification.