MyGear - Airsoft Stini

Stini here!

I’m the type of player who agrees to squad up with a few friends on the field, but ends up quickly going off the beaten path and relying on the power of my custom ghillie crafting on my Novritsch Ghillie Suit or KMCS Brown 2.0 to blend in with my environment and remain undetected by the enemy players.

I choose the SSG10 A1 as my sniper of choice as it is a comfortable, original design, lightweight, and hops 0.46g bb’s with ease! Not to mention, it is the most reliable sniper rifle I have ever used and has never done me wrong!

My backup is a non-blowback Tokyo Marui MK23. Both the TM MK23 and SSX23 leave players absolutely confused as to where they were shot from as the backup is so silent.

The crafting materials I use on my ghillie suit include halo screen, every type of Novritsch leaf, cassa snipes artificial Ivy and of course, a lot of 2.5mm brown cable ties.

Guns I am running and love:
- SSG10 A1
- Tokyo Marui MK23
- WeTech Hicapa GBB Pistol