The SSR63 System

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with 3 available variants, it’s the perfect pre-upgraded AEG to compete against all the M4s. There is the A1 (Classic design), the A2 (Modern M-LOK furniture), and the A3 (Futuristic DMR). #Deutschland #Precision #Efficiency

The SSR63 A1 (1)

The SSR63 A2 (1)

The SSR63 A3 (1)

SSR63 Aiming Devices (37)

SSR63 Muzzle Devices (19)

SSR63 Accessories (31)

SSR63 Flashlights & Lasers (17)

SSR63 Carrying (18)

SSR63 BBs & Batteries (11)

SSR63 Spare Parts (21)