Airsoft Footwear

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When playing airsoft, you are almost certain to step into a hard terrain. Your shoes need to reflect that – supporting your feet and providing enough protection from glass and other sharp objects. As we have tried many different options, we only offer our long-time favourites.

Good airsoft boots are the most underrated factor!

As airsoft is a game often played on steep or uneven ground, good shoes are a must-have. It is therefore important to choose comfortable shoes that will absorb the shocks. Moreover, it is the one thing we recommend every beginner to take good care of, even for the first game!

Foot injuries due to unsuitable footwear are not uncommon in airsoft. We all have seen someone at a game who has neglected this essential piece of equipment and regretted it after getting injured. After all, your feet are very exposed during a game.

A sharp metal beam sticking out, a hole hidden in the ground, or even spraining your ankle can happen if your footwear does not cover your feet and ankles properly.

Appropriate footwear

Simple hiking boots provide decent ankle support and prevent slipping which is basically enough for beginner airsoft needs. These boots however do not give you optimal protection especially when it comes to the soles and the front shell.

We recommend tactical shoes purposefully made for demanding conditions. They allow you to withstand many shocks, move in difficult terrain, and to avoid sprains or slips.

When choosing your pair you should keep in mind some factors depending on your preferences:

  • The ankle protection, we can't stress enough how important to keep it supported to avoid injuries.
  • The sole, they often offer different types of grips for different terrain but also their durability and wear over time.
  • The lacing will change in between shoes whether it's the type but also the material
  • The weight, right balance between protection and weight should be found as shoes too heavy might hinder you on the field, and shoes too light might not protect you enough.

We ourselves love the world-renowned LOWA Zephyr tactical boots. These are simply the best, however, they are notably more expensive than alternatives. In most cases, one has to try them out physically to understand why are these boots favoured not just in airsoft but also in the militaries around the world. You can take Josef's word for it:

Find the shoe that fits you the best and that you feel comfortable in. Your footwear is the basis of your equipment and will dictate what you do on the field.