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There is always a dark corner suitable for a Tactical Flashlight. Therefore we carry one at all times. If you wish for both Laser and Flashlight, the PEQ box makes it look straight out of an action movie.

If you want maximal customization, extra switches might come in handy.



Tactical Light & LaserAccessories

Tactical flashlights and lasers are seen as a necessity by many experienced airsofters. And for a good reason! 

What makes a tactical flashlight?

You can get a flashlight around every corner these days. But why do we call our flashlights tactical? Well, the simple answer is because you can mount it on a gun. But in reality, the difference is a bit more notable. When compared to your regular lamp, a tactical flashlight is more durable, offers more brightness, often has a quick-use switch and doesn't use AA batteries. 

PRO TIP: We sometimes carry rifle flashlights in our pockets - they are compact enough and work much better than a phone.

How to choose a tactical flashlight?

When choosing, you should consider a few parameters:

  • Light brightness - the brighter, the better. Just as easy as that. Don't use lights weaker than 200 lumens, though.
  • Mounting options - if you plan to put it on your gun, make sure it fits. On top of that, make sure you have a compatible mounting rail.
  • Available accessories: Yes, even flashlights have accessories. Mostly switches and mounts. These don't really work for cheap rip-offs, so keep that in mind!
  • Batteries: If you are getting a decent tactical flashlight, it is likely to use batteries such as the RCR123A. Don't forget to get those as well!

What is the brightest tactical flashlight?

The brightness of flashlights is measured in Lumens. The more lumens, the brighter the flashlight. The brightest tactical flashlight that we offer is our Rifle Flashlight, with an output of 600 lumens.

Pistol flashlights: look out for holsters!

Many airsofters use hard-case holsters these days. They fit the usual pistols perfectly - at least until you decide to add a flashlight. Honestly, combining a holster and a flashlight on a pistol is kind of a pain. Soft holsters don't provide that sturdy of a fit, whereas those mentioned holsters don't fit at all.

For this reason, we created our Universal Holster platform - it easily enables you to put whatever on your pistol and holster it using Picatinny rail. Make sure to check it out if it's relevant for you :)

What is an airsoft laser sight?

When mounted on a gun/replica, a laser sight projects a small laser beam, usually red or green, to where the gun is pointed. This shows the shooter where they are aiming without having to use the sights on the system.

Are lasers suitable for airsoft?

A laser beam can sure help you with hip fire accuracy. However, there are two major things to keep in mind when using lasers in airsoft:

  1. Are they even legal? In some countries, mounting lasers on a gun is illegal! Check your local law to avoid any trouble.
  2. Eyesight at risk. It's like with laser pointers. If the laser shines directly in your (or the other team member's) eyes for more than 10 seconds, you may temporarily worsen your eyesight. Use with caution.