The great thing about Airsoft apparel is that you can use it for any other outdoor activity as well and it looks cool.

Uniforms – Invader Gear has in our opinion an unbeatable price/performance. It’s just about picking camo.
Headwear – A Cap or a Boonie to match your uniform
Belts – a must-have, the velcro variant works the best with Gen3 Battlebelt.


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Kreuzotter ACPACP Tropic

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UniformsAirsoft Uniform – Our TOP Choice


What Airsoft Camo should I choose?

Your uniform camo should depend on two things, your personal taste and your environment. If you plan on playing mostly in CQB fields, camo isn’t that decisive on the outcome of your skirmish. Although a dark/grey camouflage might give you some split-second advantages, camouflage isn’t that effective inside buildings and dark areas. This is why you will often see CQB players with colorful & very original uniforms.

Playing in a forest/outdoor environment is fundamentally different, however. Having the right camo will most certainly give you an edge on your opponents to make use of. Using the Kreuzotter camouflage in a Central European forest for example will allow you to be much harder to detect, conceal your movement better and fool your opponent's vision.

If you’re playing in a more arid environment camouflages such as the Multicam Airsoft uniform & Stone Desert Uniform might be more appropriate as it will blend better with the brighter colors you will navigate through.

Fashion or effectiveness? 

While you should take into account camo effectiveness in your environment, first things first is to consider a camo you like, airsoft is a fashion show after all and you should enjoy wearing your gear.  Even if a different camouflage seems like it could be slightly more effective, go for your personal favorite.

You can check out our blog post about camo effectiveness!

Field Uniform or Combat Uniform?

While this choice is totally up to your preference, they do suit certain playstyles. The Field uniform is more suited for overall comfort and to protect you from weather hazards, keeping you warm.

The Combat uniform on the other hand is, as its name indicates, for more dynamic gameplay. The kneepads and elastic material easily allow transitioning from different positions comfortably and without any struggle. It is however more impervious to rain and cold weather.

What top should I wear on my head?

For headwear, above style comes comfort. You will be wearing it for entire days sweating and running everywhere, your hat or helmet should not feel uncomfortable or fall off accidentally.

For outside forest games, we would recommend the Hot Weather Bonnie allowing for cooling ventilation and protecting you from the sun by providing all-around shade. You can also opt for the Operator Cap for a more simplistic wear and PMC look.

In indoor fields or more hazardous fields, we highly recommend the use of a helmet. Airsoft helmets might not have the same durability (and price) as real-steel helmets, but they will keep your head protected from shocks and concussions if you fall or knock your head against a wall or door frame.