The SSG10 System

is simply our most sold airsoft gun. You can choose between the A1 (Best bang for your buck), A2 (Classic sniper rifle with no compromise), and A3 (The pinnacle of efficiency) #Precise #Durable #Customizable

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Which SSG10 Airsoft Sniper variant to choose?

The SSG10 platform is already well-proven amongst airsoft sniper rifles. The important thing is that regardless of your prefered variant, the inner parts are the same for all SSG10 rifles. And they are far from what you might call "stock". The upgraded design ensures accuracy and efficiency across the entire platform - that is basically what made it so popular. The only difference between the A1/A2/A3 is the stock, offering different features.

The SSG10 A1

The stock is both minimalistic and extremely durable. The A1 is our best seller as it comes with an incredibly competitive price tag. At 2 kg, this variant is also very lightweight.


The SSG10 A2

Ideal if you want more from your rifle. With 2,9 kg, the A2 is slightly heavier than the A1. That’s due to the fiber-reinforced nylon Maple Leaf Stock. This stock features an adjustable cheek pad and stock length, M-LOK rails for attachments and a bipod mount. Especially useful for making sniper videos.


The SSG10 A3

The best of both – a rifle being lightweight and adjustable. At 2 kg, you get a foldable stock with interchangeable AR-grips. This means short transport length and enhanced ergonomics. You also get adjustable cheek rest and MLOK/Picatinny mounts. From our experience, the A3 setups always stand out.

We all have our preferences regarding our game style so choose your SSG10 variant accordingly. If you feel like exploring more, check out the airsoft sniper rifle product pages and our blog post guide.