Start Airsoft Now !

Airsoft is an amazing sport. However, it can be a bit tricky to start playing. That’s why we created this page, a starter academy as well as the SSR4 platform which will help you get into it fast!


One Click Bundles

Our Airsoft experts created these one-click bundles where you don’t need to think about anything. If you want to go straight to the field without losing any time on research, choose the bundle you like and you’re good to go:

Course: Start Airsoft

Wondering what’s the best way to get into Airsoft? This 27-part series is completely free of charge and will tell you everything you need to know to join your first game. And more.
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The SSR4

This rifle is, in our opinion, the best starter gun. You get all the features you will need down the line right at the start. You can use the SSR4 for years and never have to worry about upgrades.
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