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Our own BBs went through excessive Quality Control:

Premium Bottles – Heavy airsoft sniper BBs
BB Bags – Lighter BBs for AEGs & Gas replicas
Tracer BBs – BBs that glow in the dark (Tracer Unit required)
Full Thrust BBs – Larger BBs (6,44 mm); only for suitable replicas.

BBs – Bags


BBs – Premium Bottles


BBs – Tracer




What to consider when buying airsoft BBs?

When buying airsoft BBs, consider the weight, quality, and compatibility with your airsoft gun. Choose a weight that suits your gun's power and playstyle, and be mindful of any field regulations. Storing them properly and staying within your budget are also important factors to keep in mind.


Our commitment to producing polished and accurate BBs has earned us the trust of a loyal customer base. But in short:

What airsoft BB weight should I use for my replica?

Remember that for all our gun systems, we specify which BB should be used for it on the product page. Even so, here are the general weight recommendations:

0,20 g - 0,25 g

SSE18 Pistol,
Max. 1 Joule

0,28 g - 0,32 g

SSR4, SSR15, SSR90,

Max. 1,5 Joules

0,36 g

Max. 2 Joules

0,40 g - 0,46 g

SSX303, SSG10, SSG96

Max. 4,5 Joules

0.20g - 0.25g Bags: The lightest and cheapest BBs we have available are intended for low-power replicas such as the SSE18. Don't be fooled by their weight. Your opponents will still feel them.

0.28g - 0.32g Bags: Ideal all-around airsoft BB weight for AEGs. Ideal for medium-range engagement, they are able to stay in the air for longer and maintain their impact force. If you're running any AR/SMG platforms or even pistols such as the SSP18 & SSP1, these are the ideal size for you.

0.36g BBs: BBs are the middle point between medium-weight AEG ammo and heavy BB sniper ammo. We recommend this size for the SSX23, which is able to deliver a silent but deadly strike.

0.40g - 0.46g Premium BBs: are at the top of their weight class. These are intended for sniping in its purest form. The high power delivered by the SSG and SSX303 systems is capable of lifting these BBs effortlessly and hitting targets at the other end of the airsoft field.

0.58g-0.62g FULL THRUST BBs: intended ONLY for the NOVRITSCH FULL THRUST system. These are the heaviest BBs you can find, with their higher diameter contributing to pushing the limits of airsoft.

Now, if you're playing in a dark indoor area or at night, opting for tracer BBs and adding a tracer at the end of your AEG can transform your game into a Star Wars laser battle, making it so much more fun. Just remember, if you're going to be playing outside, get Bio BBs. Let's not harm our playing environments.

What size of BBs should I use?

The world of airsoft uses a 6mm BB diameter. In very rare cases, you may encounter a larger, 8mm BB. However, virtually any standard replica including all those made by NOVRITSCH will run the 6 mm BB. The only exception is the NOVRITSCH Full Thrust system, in which you can use wider 6,44 mm BBs which allows a for greater range and stability in airsoft sniping.

BBs – Bags


BBs – Premium Bottles


BBs – Tracer


What airsoft BB weight should I use for my AEG/Assault Rifle?

For most of our AEGs, we recommend 0.28g BB weight, but that can vary depending on the power level of your given replica. Most out-of-the-box replicas recommended BB weight is around 0.25-0.28g. Also, most BBs in this weight range come in bags of 2000+ BBs, which is convenient for AEGs as they tend to go through more BBs per game then sniper rifles.

What airsoft BB weight to use with my Gas Pistol?

For most standard (0.8 Joules) pistols, we recommend using BB Bags, the same as AEG, from 0.3g - 0.36g BBs. But for competition gas pistols like our SSP5, we recommend running as heavy BBs as possible for example, we recommend 0.32g for CQB and 0.4g BBs for outdoor play fields for our SSP5 6". What BB weight you choose also depends on the gas you will use, so consider that.

What airsoft BB weight goes with my Gas Blowback Rifles and Sniper Rifles?

0.36 is best for low-powered snipers/GBBRs. If you have a low-power sniper /gbbr, or you bought for instance an SSG10 with the lowest power, the 0.36 is best for you.

0.4 and 0.43 are best for mid-powered snipers and GBBR in general. These aren’t for the most powerful airsoft snipers, but they’re still outstanding & very accurate for your average sniper rifle and they are our go-to for GBBRs.

0.46 and 0.48 are for the most powerful airsoft snipers. If you are at the legal limits of airsoft, then these BBs will be the best in terms of accuracy & distance for your gun. These will be virtually unaffected by wind compared to anything else.


Are airsoft BBs biodegradable?

Yes, some airsoft BBs are biodegradable. These BBs are designed to break down naturally over time, which can be an environmentally friendly option for outdoor airsoft play. Biodegradable airsoft BBs are typically made from materials like polylactic acid (PLA) and are formulated to decompose in various environmental conditions. However, the rate of biodegradation can vary depending on factors such as moisture, temperature, and exposure to sunlight. Players who are concerned about minimizing their impact on the environment often opt for biodegradable BBs, especially in outdoor settings, to reduce the accumulation of plastic waste. Also, keep in mind that BIO BBs should have proof of actual biodegradability.

What are airsoft BBs made of?

Airsoft BBs are typically made of a biodegradable or non-biodegradable plastic material. Non-biodegradable BBs are most common and are often composed of materials like acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) or other types of plastic. Biodegradable BBs are designed to break down over time, and they are usually made from materials like polylactic acid (PLA). The choice between biodegradable and non-biodegradable BBs depends on personal preference and environmental considerations. Biodegradable BBs are favored for outdoor play to minimize environmental impact, while non-biodegradable BBs are cheaper and suitable for indoor and competitive airsoft events where cleanup and recycling are more practical.

Are airsoft BBs bad for the environment?

Airsoft BBs, particularly non-biodegradable ones, can have a negative impact on the environment if not managed properly. These small plastic pellets are not biodegradable, so they can accumulate in outdoor playing areas, causing litter and potential harm to wildlife. To mitigate the environmental impact, get biodegradable BBs, which break down over time. However, even biodegradable BBs may take a long time to degrade, and their environmental impact can be minimized through responsible use, such as cleaning up after games and properly disposing of any remnants. Also, spraying less can be helpful here.

Are airsoft BBs reusable?

NO! There are two main reasons for that. Firstly, the impact that the BB went through might have damaged it. This may result in the BB shattering inside your replica, damaging its internals. Secondly, even if the BB did not suffer any damage, it brings dust and debris into your barrel, which may result in jams and malfunctions. In short, saving a few cents by reusing BBs can turn out way more expensive.


What is Joule Creep?

Joule creep refers to a phenomenon where heavier BBs retain more energy (measured in Joules) than lighter ones when fired from the same airsoft gun, leading to an increase in the gun’s muzzle energy without a corresponding increase in FPS (Feet Per Second). This occurs due to the longer time heavier BBs spend in the barrel, allowing more energy transfer from the compressed air or gas propelling them. As a result, despite firing at a similar or lower FPS compared to lighter BBs, the heavier BBs hit with greater force, potentially exceeding field energy limits and posing a safety risk.