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Novritsch Airsoft Pistols are designed so that you can outplay even an AEG with them. Choose based on your playstyle:

The SSP2 – Great bang for your buck amongst gas blowback pistols. Kicks hard and loud.
The SSP5 – A primary’s range and accuracy in a pistol package. Competition pistol.
The SSP18 – Full Auto, G-Series pistol. Great for pistol-only airsoft!
The SSX23 – A sniper’s sidearm. Non-BlowBack, stealthy. Great range.
The SSP1 – A heavier, hard-kicking pistol. Superb BlowBack action.
The SSE18 – Electric pistol – winter doesn’t affect it. Full Auto included.

The SSP2 system (101)

The SSP2 system

A rugged, gas blowback pistol. Snappy and controllable recoil suited for use as a primary pistol thanks to many of unique technical solutions. Fully customizable! #Sharp #Reliable #Modular
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The SSP5 System (120)

The SSP5 System

A unique, competitive gas blowback pistol. Snappy, yet controllable gun suited for use as a primary pistol thanks to a bunch of unique technical solutions. Fully customizable! #Fast #Competitive #Innovative
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The SSP18 System (107)

The SSP18 System

An aggressive airsoft pistol that has the most fun per second. The gas-powered operation gives it realism, while the fixed barrel adds accuracy. This gun is favored by many for a good reason. Great with Tracers! #FullAuto #Realistic #Customizable
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The SSX23 System (78)

The SSX23 System

The backup for snipers. With no compromise, this gun is made for efficiency. Non-blowback action makes it both extremely efficient and accurate. Combine it with a suppressor for a quiet & deadly action. #Accurate #Silent #Efficient
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The SSP1 System (109)

The SSP1 System

Considered a true workhorse. Made to last. This gas airsoft pistol isn’t gonna break down on you. It’s also heavier, giving it an excellent Blowback kick! Exceptionally fun to shoot. #Sturdy #Kicking #Enjoyable
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The SSE18 System (66)

The SSE18 System

An AEP - short for automatic electric pistol. It is full auto, limited to 0.5J, has a fixed slide, and runs with a lipo battery. Electric Pistols have one big advantage over Gas Blowback Pistols: they work no matter what. #Quiet #Reliable #Customizable #Efficient
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The pistol is there to make the difference where your primary cannot. No matter what, your airsoft pistol is easy to access, always available, and worn on the belt or plate carrier. A quality airsoft pistol is essential to get you out of a tight spot. Versatile and manoeuvrable, they are the main element of your kit.

What airsoft pistol is made for me?

Any airsoft player knows that airsoft pistols are a must-have when getting in close range with the opponent. A good backup airsoft gun pistol might just change the outcome of your fight. Novritsch Airsoft Pistols are made to compete, so which one fits your style?

  • The SSP2 - Taking successful design solutions from the SSP5 and putting them into a more mass-produced package. That gives you an accurate, loud and hard-kicking pistol that you can rely on in any game.
  • The SSP5 - Using the full power of our development team, the SSP5 gives you the range and accuracy attributes comparable with full-sized rifles in a compact pistol package. A unique concept that's perfect for competition shooting.
  • The SSP18 - A G-Series pistol that fires in Full Auto. Great for pistol-only airsoft! When an extended mag, you can even overwhelm an AEG player with a wall of BBs. The most satisfying experience.
  • The SSX23 - A sniper's sidearm with no blowback action, makes nearly no sound to remain stealthy and confuse your opponents. Designed for performance and great range.
  • The SSP1 - A heavier, hard-kicking pistol. Superb BlowBack action that gives you the best feeling with shooting it. Made for immersion.
  • The SSE18 - Contrary to the above gas pistols, this one is electric, doesn't offer blowback, but it will work no matter what the conditions are and has a threatening full-auto.

It all depends on your needs, environment, and preferences. For snipers, we advise the SSX23 to maintain your concealment. For the full-auto giggle factor, the SSP18 is the go-to. SSP1 if you're into that semi-auto, realistic feeling. For competition training and shooting, the SSP5 can replace 1k HiCapas. The SSP2 takes the best out of the SSP5 possible while adding a more affordable price tag. And finally, if you're playing in rough conditions, the SSE18 will never let you down while retailing for the best price.

What's the difference between electric airsoft pistols and blowback airsoft pistols?

Airsoft gas pistols tend to often have blowback action to give more realism and are powered by Green gas or Co2. If the GBB (Gas Blow-Back) models are much more realistic thanks to their moving slide, the NBB (Non-Blow-Back) replicas like the SSX23 compensate for the lack of sensation they provide with better reliability, a more economical price, and less gas expenditure. However, it should be noted that gas guns are quite sensitive to low temperatures, to the point of sometimes suffering untimely outgassing, a phenomenon accentuated with metal replicas with a moving breech.
Electric pistols, on the other hand, don't have any blowback system or gas operation yet are very fun to use. They have slightly less power but will always shoot thanks to their battery and require minimal maintenance.

How far can an Airsoft pistol shoot?

While airsoft pistols cannot outrange a sniper, our best airsoft pistols can compete with AEGs and maintain proper accuracy at 50 meters. Don't hesitate to run pistol-only, especially in close-range environments.

Do I need an airsoft sidearm?

As a sniper, yes, and most fields will oblige you to have one. As an AEG player, that depends on whether you expect to engage in close ranges, but it's always preferable to have one for practicality, and in case your primary has a malfunction. "Remember, switching to your pistol is always faster than reloading" -Gaz

What is the most powerful airsoft pistol?

In all fairness, there is none, or rather it depends. While there is no single pistol that is known to be the most powerful in the world, the power of an airsoft pistol will depend on the gas inside of it and the ambient temperature. Yet, you can always connect the pistol to HPA and give it the power you want... (not recommended, though)

What is the best airsoft pistol, however, is a good question. It requires the perfect balance between power, accuracy, reliability and sensation. This is what we intend to provide with our range of pistols options to adapt to your preferences.

How much money should I invest in an airsoft pistol?

Overall it depends on your budget and needs but generally below 200€ is a reasonable price. Keep in mind the price of magazines as well, a magazine of 35€ is considered the standard. Above 200€ usually only makes sense for premium competition pistols and pistols intended to replace your primary weapon!

If you are on a budget, it might be worth considering getting an AEP such as the Novritsch SSE18. Electric pistols are generally a bit cheaper to both purchase and run. Plus, the magazines cost only a fraction of their gas counterparts.