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SSR90 Magazine (100 BBs)

A 100 rounds magazine for the SSR90. Made out of solid polymer, this magazine offers a decent capacity. The transparent design allows you to see how much ammo you have left. The magazine is perfectly compatible with the SSR90 Mag Pouch. We recommend you grab one as well!
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SSR90 Gen2 - Electric SMG

This Product is also available for Germany
FN Herstal P90, arguably the most iconic submachine gun in history now in a completely redesigned, pre-upgraded package tailored for the most demanding players out there.


  • Redesigned Exterior & Internals with a ton of features
  • Programmable Electronic Trigger Unit (incl. burst, binary, pre-cocking, battery protection, and more.) Click for Guide
  • ∼25 rounds per second with high-speed gears (12:1) and 11.1V battery
  • ∼17 rounds per second with high-speed gears (12:1) and 7.4V battery
  • Modular Aluminium Receiver
  • Fiber Reinforced Nylon Body
  • Accurate due to rotary CNC & TDC hop up chamber & Maple Leaf custom flat bucking
  • 6.03 precision inner barrel
  • Fast trigger response with high torque neodymium magnet motor
  • Enlarged battery space and rubber recoil pad
  • Fully Ambidextrous controls and QD sling points
  • Two-stage trigger on full auto (like AUG)
  • Modular Flat Trigger
  • Quick Spring Exchange
  • Colored accessories
  • Extensive video library with courses and guides
  • Designed by passionate Airsoft players in Vienna, Austria
  • Vienna-based Tech support team
Length: 50 cm Weight: 1.9 kg BB weight recommendations The battery is not included. You can find the battery HERE. Do not use 11.1V battery with the 1J variant. Do not store with pre-cocking engaged. Pre-cocking is disabled on full auto - just shoot on auto at the end of the game to release the spring. The SSR90 is fine-tuned to specific power output. Do not increase the power of the SSR90 above 470 FPS with 0,20g BBs and hop up turned off (~M120 spring). If you use weaker springs, e.g. M90, only use 7.4V batteries. Shipping & Energy - Country Overview
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Red Dot - V3 (BB Proof)

A High-quality Red Dot made to last. Modern, compact design allows you to comfortably mount it on not only assault rifles but also SMGs/PDWs and other compact airsoft weapons. A rubber finish helps this red dot achieve supreme longevity.


  • Picatinny rail compatible
  • Lexan cap to protect against incoming BBs
  • An adjustable dot (both X and Y-axis)
  • Splash-proof design capable of withstanding rainy days
  • 11 brightness levels to suit any weather or environment
  • Compact design
  • Two rail mounts: basic and elevated
  • Rubber shell (scratch-free)
Works perfectly with this High Mount and allows you to combine it with the Flip Up Magnifier Mount. The Red Dot V3 uses a CR2032 battery that is not included. The screws are secured with screw glue and need to be heated up if you wish to change the raiser.

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Fast Attach Suppressor System

This Product is also available for Germany
Fast attach suppressor with acoustic foam inside for maximum sound suppression. Remove or put on your suppressor in a few seconds on the field depending on your needs. Get that extra suppression right when you need it. Diameter: 38.8mm / Long: 175mm length / Short: 125mm length


  • Fast Attachment System.
  • Filled with Acoustic Foam.
  • Comes with a steel muzzle device.
  • 14mm CCW thread - universal.
  • Hard anodized aluminum suppressor.
  • Weight: 168g Long / 132g Short.
In case you would need more flash hiders for different replicas, you can find them HERE. The suppressor is only compatible with our flash hiders.

Gun Compatibility

*For Germany, you can now order the fully assembled suppressor thanks to the new F-Mark inscription.

For Belgium, Denmark and Switzerland please choose “Suppressor and Foam separated” for all other countries standard is fine.

 Customers from Switzerland need an import permit to purchase any suppressor.

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Hey There, I'm Storm Airsoft

I’m an airsoft YouTuber based in Southern California, USA.

I make airsoft funny moments on YouTube. Although I aim primarily for funny content, I also try my best to improve and become more efficient when I’m out at the field.

The new Novritsch SSR-90 has been leaving a remarkable first impression for me so far. It’s a heavy hitting, rapid fire machine in a small compact package that can still reach out and touch people from long range no problem.

Prior to getting the SSR-90, I said to myself “if it’s anything like the SSR-15 that I used in Czech Republic, it’s gonna be an absolute banger.” Although the SSR-15 is a nasty beast in its own right, the SSR-90 is exactly what I look for in my airsoft guns: Compact, rapid firing CQB platforms that can also demolish far away targets no problem whatsoever.