Airsoft Equipment

Airsoft Equipment

Airsoft is not only about the replicas you use. Good airsoft equipment can actually make or break the game for you. Because of that, here you’ll only find things we ourselves use for airsoft. From attachments to our own Ghillie suit systems – these items will make you stand out.

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What's the best airsoft equipment for you?

One question with hundreds of answers depending on your playstyle, experience and expectations. However, in most cases, quality equipment tends to enhance your game regardless of what are you in for. Nonetheless, in our opinion, there are a few impactful airsoft equipment pieces definitely worth checking out:

  • Ghillie Suit line-up: camouflaging yourself up with one of these may alter the game dramatically. When someone almost steps on you without noticing, it gives you a massive advantage!
  • Flashlights and Lasers: at almost any airsoft field, there is a dark corner or two. And take our word for it when we tell you that these flashlights are much more useful than the ones on your phone!
  • Universal Holster System: This innovative carrying holster lets you add all accessories to your pistol how you like it while still allowing you to holster it. Definitely one of the best equipment pieces out there!

Airsoft equipment list for beginners

If you have just started out with airsoft and have your very first replica, there are just a few items you should own for a great airsoft experience: 

  • Good outdoor shoes, such as the LOWAs
  • Mechanix Safety Gloves: these are the military standard for a reason.
  • Quality safety goggles as eyes can't heal. Don't underestimate these! And while at it, make sure you have a Mesh mask as well.
  • If you have your own rifle, make sure to get a bag to carry it in. In most countries, it is illegal to display airsoft guns in public!
  • It is nice to have a platform to carry your magazines in. When starting out, Chest rigs and Battle Belts are the easiest way to get it done.
  • Lastly, make sure you have some comfy outdoor clothes, spare magazines and all the Gun Accessories you need!