Give a friend 20€, get 20€ back.

In our referral program, you can get a discount by sending your friends an invitation to shop at our website. If your friend makes an order above 200€, he gets 20€ discount and you also get 20€ discount on your next purchase above 200€. These discounts stack up and you can refer up to 4 friends in every month. Enough waiting, send you friends 20€!

Give 20€, get 20€!

Invite a friend via and they will get 20€ discount! Plus you'll get 20€ off your next purchase too!
If you invite more friends, you get more discounts in your balance!
*minimum order amount: 200€


  • You have to have an account.
  • You need to have at least one completed order with your account.
  • Minimum order amount: 200€
  • Up to 4 friends per month.

How it works?

  • Log in.
  • Put in a friend’s email or share it on your social media.
  • They will get a coupon code which is unique to YOU.
  • Once they make an order above 200€, they must use the coupon code at the checkout page to get 20€ off.
  • After the coupon is applied, the order can be finished.
  • Wait until the order is on status “completed”. This might take a few days.
  • Go to your account and check if you have the discount under “Referrals” tab.
  • Make an order above 200€.
  • Enjoy your discount from your friends.

*The coupons are valid for 4 weeks.