SSP5 6" and 5.1" SPECIFICS

The SSP5 6"

The SSP5 6" is accurate. With 0.40g BBs shot at 1.5J through a 6.01mm precision inner barrel, it is impossible to miss.

You can expect outstanding performance with every shot. Its smooth, responsive trigger makes it easy to aim and fire accurately, while its comfortable grip ensures a secure hold even during intense gameplay.

The SSP5 5.1"

The SSP5 5.1" is more compact version of the 6" version with the same features. With 0.32g to 0.40g BBs, you can shoot at 1 to 1.2J. Its lower power makes it perfect for CQB. 

You can expect the same quality, high performance, and reliability as the longer version while having better portability and mobility. And an overall smaller-looking pistol with the standard Hi-Capa size.

TemperatureIdeal GasIdeal BBs 6"Ideal BBs 5.1"
<12°CSuper High Pressure (Nimrod Black Gas)0.40g0.32g
12°C to 17°CHigh Pressure (Nimrod Red Gas)0.40g0.32g
17°C to 25°CMedium Pressure (Nimrod Green Gas)0.40g0.32g
>25°CLow Pressure (Nimrod Blue Gas)0.40g0.32g