CamMan's Loadout

Runcam Scopecam 2

This small, easy-to-use scope camera lets you record each of your shots with great image quality. The camera can be attached to any standard NATO/Picatinny rail that can be found on most guns. The Runcam 2 has a built-in battery, that will last you for 240 minutes with the highest resolution setup (1080P@60fps). Check out the Novritsch Video Creation Guide which teaches you how to make Airsoft gameplays like a professional and how to grow your audience. Compatible with micro SD cards up to 128GB. You can choose between these lenses: 3,6mm Lens – best for pistols & shotguns (CQB range) 25mm Lens – best for rifles & SMGs (Medium range) 40mm Lens – best for sniper rifles (Long range) The 40mm version doesn’t work with the NOVRITSCH scope and mount. It is too long. A better way is to mount it on the barrel with this mount.
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SSG10 A1 Airsoft Sniper Rifle

All SSG10 guns are available for Germany
The most competitive airsoft sniper rifle on the market.
  • Incredibly Durable. It can take an M220 spring (5 Joules).
  • Supreme Accuracy.
  • Maintains AirSeal even with the strongest springs on the market.
  • Highly Customizable VSR-10 platform.
  • Quiet due to soft piston head.
  • Magazine pop-out spring.
  • 25 years of free spare parts. (terms and conditions).
  • Extensive video library with courses and guides.
  • Designed by passionate Airsoft players in Vienna, Austria.
  • Vienna-based Tech support team.
The SSG10 is delivered to you in a cardboard box in order for us to remain environment friendly and to avoid increasing prices compared to a guncase. Weight: 2000g Length: 107cm You can choose the installed spring. (country overview) The SSG10 A1 comes disassembled in a cardboard box, so you need to put together the stock and the upper. This is easy but we also made a video that explains this five-minute process. Not sure which BB weight to use? Check out this table:
Joule BB Weight
<1 Joule 0.28g BBs
2.2 Joules 0.43g BBs
2.8 Joules 0.46g BBs
5.0 Joules 0.49g BBs
Shipping & Energy - Country Overview All Joule measurements were taken with Novritsch 0.46g BBs and all FPS measurements with Novritsch 0.2 g BBs. Check out the two-toned version for the UK.
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Rifle Suppressor

This Product is also available for Germany
Sound-reducing suppressor that fits any airsoft gun with a 14mm CCW (Counter Clockwise) thread. Airsoft guns produce a moderate level of decibel, however, suppressors can really make a difference on the field. Thanks to the acoustic foam and lightweight construction, this suppressor will effectively absorb noise and echoes without affecting the balance of your gun. Thread: 14mm CCW Diameter: 40mm Length: 220mm

Gun Compatibility

Please find adapters below under Essentials.
To comply with local laws we will send the hollow suppressor and the second one with the foam discs to some countries. You need to check your local law if it's allowed to install the foam discs into the tube. We will also send you an installation guide.

For Germany, we now provide fully assembled F-marked suppressors.

For Belgium, Denmark and Switzerland please choose “Suppressor and Foam separated” for all other countries standard is fine.

 Customers from Switzerland need an import permit to purchase any suppressor.

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SSG10 Magazine (28 BBs)

Clear VSR-10 style magazine for the SSG10 System. Now you always know how many BBs are left in your magazine. Holds 28 BBs. Also compatible with other VSR-10 platforms.
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Mechanix - The Original M-Pact

The original M-pact with flexible knuckle and finger protection. Great against incoming BBs Can be used with phones as well. Check the Glove Size Table to make sure you choose the perfect size. (Chris & Josef use M)
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How’s it going?

I’m CamMan, and filming stealth Airsoft gameplay is what I do. This is made easy with my SSG10 A1 & SSX23.

My SSG10 A1 is the same one I used in Austria on launch day back in 2020, and is now my go-to Bolt Action rifle.

My SSX23 paired with the Novritsch V2 Modular Suppressor combined with my Ghillie Suit, allows me to take down enemy players from only a few meters away without them having any idea where I am.

If I want to go noisy, I have the SSP18 in my arsenal. In my opinion probably the best-looking Airsoft pistol on the market right now.

Want to see these in action? Then check out my YouTube channel.