Geonox's Loadout

Leaf Camo - LC1

The NOVRITSCH Leaf Camo is the quickest way to become invisible. Merge with nature with just a few clicks.


  • Color corrected by ex-military experts in Vienna, Austria
  • New Quick Pin Attachment System
  • Super 3D Effect
  • 4 different color schemes to match YOUR environment
  • Compatible with most ghillie suits on the market
  • UV and water-resistant


  • 50 double leaves
  • 50+ pins
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Tactical Helmet

Tactical helmet for an authentic military look and improved head protection.


  • Lightweight: 600g
  • Hard plastic for bump protection
  • Ventilation holes to keep you cool
  • Fully adjustable
  • Side rails & Side clips
  • Front NVG mount - great for GoPro
  • Outside velcro - for all the important patches
Size: M-L Inside velcro that holds the padding needs to be added by the user. Comes in the package.
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Meshmask V2

The new V2 Meshmask is the perfect combination of the V1 and the Mesh Mask Balaclava, providing right protection for the teeth, while giving the comfort you need on the cheeks. Fits well with the NOVRITSCH Goggles but can also be used with any other goggles. Available in 5 different colors.
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Leaf Camo - LC2

The NOVRITSCH Leaf Camo is the quickest way to become invisible. Merge with nature with just a few clicks.


  • Color corrected by ex-military experts in Vienna, Austria
  • New Quick Pin Attachment System
  • Super 3D Effect
  • 3 different color schemes to match YOUR environment
  • Compatible with most ghillie suits on the market
  • UV and water-resistant


  • 70 triple leaves
  • 70+ pins
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SSR15 Electric Assault Rifle

For Germany: The 1.5 Joules is available in Semi Only with the official F-Mark

The SSR15 is your best companion in any Airsoft Game! Whether you are playing a long outdoor milsim or attending a fast paced CQB match - this rifle is always going to shine with its outstanding performance. Its rigid aluminum construction, incredibly fast trigger response and the highly accurate shots will give you the unfair advantage on the field. The SSR15 features:
  • Programmable Electronic Trigger Unit (Gate Titan Basic)
  • 25 rounds per second with high-speed gears (16:1) with 11.1V
  • Highly accurate due to rotary chamber and Maple Leaf Hopup
  • 6.02 precision inner barrel (380mm)
  • Large battery space in the PTS stock. Adjustable length. 830-910mm
  • Modern grip design by PTS
  • Reliable feeding + full mag indicator with PTS magazine (150 bbs)
  • Lightweight and strong. 2.7kg full aluminum construction.
  • Fast trigger response with high torque neodymium magnet motor
  • Ambidextrous controls and QD sling points
  • Comes in a hard shell gun case
  • Final assembly and QC done by our trusted partner Vega Force Company
  • Extensive video library with courses and guides.
  • Designed by passionate Airsoft players in Vienna, Austria.
  • Vienna-based Tech support team.
The battery is not included. You can find it HERE. Recommended Batteries and BBs:
  •  1.4-1.6 Joules: 11.1V Battery & 0.28g BBs
  •  0.9-1.2 Joules: 7.4V Battery & 0.28g BBs
  •  <1 Joule: 7.4V Battery & 0.25g BBs
Do not store with pre-cocking engaged. Do not use 11.1V Batteries if your SSR15 has the 1.0 or 1.13 Joule Spring installed as it might cause damage to the internals. Shipping & Energy - Country Overview

The time has come we replace the SSR15 with the SSR4. The SSR4 offers new variants and options that you couldn't get with the SSR15. All that for a better price. For these reasons, we're not restocking the SSR15 anymore. But, of course, you will still be able to buy accessories and spare parts. Check out the SSR4!

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1-4x Variable Scope "LPVO" (BB Proof)

A variable scope that gives you the best of both worlds. At 1x magnification, it can be used almost like a red dot while allowing you to zoom in 4x when you need to see more.
  • Quick scope adjustments are easy even with gloves on.
  • Illuminated reticle. Green & Red. CR2032 Battery.
  • Eye Relief → 105mm
  • Tube Diameter → 25mm
  • Suitable for DMR setups for mid to long-range.
  • Comes with a metal, lightweight NATO/Picatinny mount.
  • Dioptric adjustment.
  • Get the Camo Cover HERE!
The front glass element of this scope is thick enough to withstand regular BB impacts. We tested it with 1.5J point blank. BB marks on the glass can be wiped off with a cloth. This is just for your information, please be aware that we do not replace products damaged by BB shots or improper use. Batteries are not included. Not compatible with SSG10 Gen1 Rail. To mount this on the SSG10, you need the Gen2 Rail. CR2032 Batteries are available here.

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3D Leaf Shoulderpiece 2.0

Every airsoft player loves the idea of being invisible just like we do. We couldn’t find a camouflage system that would fit our active playstyle and meet our requirements. So we designed a new one. The Novritsch 3D Ghillie does not need any further amendments. Just put it over your gear, and you are ready to go.


  • Color corrected by ex-military experts in Vienna, Austria
  • Cutaway front for access to your gear
  • Elastic bands for attaching vegetation
  • Better leaf sewing method - more 3D effect
  • Compatible with our Artificial Leaf System
The Kreuzotter Camouflage was developed in-house. If you want to learn more, click here. Click for Size Info
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Hi Everyone!

I'm is Geonox and just like you, I am addicted to airsoft. Airsoft enthusiasts know me for my airsoft reviews and gameplays which are very beginner friendly packed with little tips, tricks, and explanations for any technical term to help you get into this wonderful hobby.

I love the Novritsch Airsoft replicas for how they perform right out of the box. No need for teching or technical knowledge. It's a grab-and-go. Perfect for beginners and airsoft enthusiasts who want to spend more time playing instead of working on their replica.

My absolute go-to is the SSR15 with its snappy trigger response thanks to the Gate Titan and the high torque motor. The accuracy and range are remarkable due to the perfectly selected hop-up bucking and inner barrel. If you don't know some of the terms above, then this replica is for you. It has got it all installed and ready to go. No need to tinker.

When it comes to sniper replicas my go-to is the SSG10 A1. It has got the same range and accuracy as its other SSG10 siblings but it is minimalistic, lightweight, and the best value for money of the lot. I even made mine lighter and more compact by going with the short inner and outer barrel.

When it comes to my backup, I choose the SSE18 which is an automatic electric pistol. With so many nice gas blowback replicas this might come as a surprise to some. But I choose reliability over a cool-looking and nice feeling blowback. When my primary is out of ammo I need to be able to rely on my backup 100%. And the feared cooldown effect is certainly a reliability concern when playing in cold temperatures here in Germany. And of course, I love the 90 round hi-cap mags.

However, if I play pistol only at my local CQB field I choose the SSP1. It's aggressive, it's loud, it's fun. Run it with a 300 round drum mag and a tracer unit and you will be smiling all day.
A red dot is cool but sometimes you need an optic with zoom for that extra edge. Most optics have too much zoom starting at 3x and going up to 12x. But who needs a 12x zoom in airsoft? My preferred optic is the LPVO with an adjustable zoom from 1x to 4x. I run it at 2x and occasionally bump it up to 3x if required.