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Anti Fog Safety Goggles - Large

If your goggles keep fogging you won't be able to enjoy the sport. It took me several years to find goggles that don't fog up easily. The Antifog Safety Goggles are by far my most favorite airsoft eye protection. Both the Large and the Low Profile version are very hard to fog. Choose the one you like the most by looks. Combine it with the Anti Fog Unit and get access to the best of airsoft, no more hindrance from fog.


  • The Dual Lens system.
  • Mounting with an adjustable and detachable elastic band.
  • Passes Ballistic MIL-PRF-32432 High Velocity Impact standards. Also tested to meet CE EN166 F.
The goggles arrive in a branded bag that you can use for transport later on. Do not store the goggles in closed or humid environments such as transport cases and bags. Doing so will degrade the anti-fog treatment layer and increase the chance of fogging.
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SSG10 A3 Airsoft Sniper Rifle

All SSG10 guns are available for Germany
Our newest addition to the SSG10 lineup. The A3 is the pinnacle of efficiency while packing the most features in a sniper rifle.
  • Incredibly Durable. It can take an M220 spring (5 Joules).
  • Supreme Accuracy.
  • Maintains AirSeal even with the strongest springs on the market.
  • Feature-packed, futuristic stock by Maple Leaf.
  • Quiet due to soft piston head.
  • Highly Customizable VSR-10 platform.
  • 25 Years of free spare parts. (terms and conditions)
  • Extensive video library with courses and guides.
  • Vienna-based Tech support team.
Weight: 2.0kg Length long barrel: 105cm (83cm folded) Length short barrel: 93cm (71cm folded) You can choose the installed spring. (country overview) The SSG10 A3 comes with stock, grip and upper receiver separately. With four screws you can assemble everything in five minutes following this video. Not sure which BB weight to use? Check out this table:
Joule BB Weight
<1 Joule 0.28g BBs
2.2 Joules 0.43g BBs
2.8 Joules 0.46g BBs
5.0 Joules 0.49g BBs
All Joule measurements were taken with 0.46g BBs and all FPS measurements with 0.2 g BBs.


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1-4x Variable Scope (LPVO)

A variable scope that gives you the best of both worlds. At 1x magnification, it can be used almost like a red dot while still giving you the option to zoom in 4x when you need to see more.
  • Quick scope adjustments are easy even with gloves on.
  • Illuminated reticle. Green & Red. CR2032 Battery.
  • Eye Relief → 105mm
  • Tube Diameter → 25mm
  • Especially suitable for DMR setups for mid to long-range.
  • Comes with a metal, lightweight NATO/Picatinny mount.
  • Features dioptric adjustment.
  • Get the Camo Cover HERE!
Batteries are not included. Not compatible with SSG10 Gen1 Rail. To mount this on the SSG10, you need the Gen2 Rail. CR2032 Batteries are available here.
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SSX23 Airsoft Pistol

This Product is also available for Germany
The NOVRITSCH SSX23 (Version 2020) is a pre-upgraded, extremely quiet Non-Blow Back Pistol. This is the go-to choice of all sneaky snipers out there. You can find the High Power SSX23 version with a longer barrel here.


  • Extremely quiet.
  • Designed to shoot heavy BBs.
  • Supreme accuracy.
  • TDC Hop-up Adjustment
  • Full Metal slide.
  • Gas efficient non-Blowback system.
  • Magazine capacity - 24 BBs.
  • Threaded barrel for suppressors/tracer units.
  • Optional Rails for pistol flashlights & Red dots.
  • Comes in a gun case.
  • Extensive video library with courses and guides.
  • Designed by passionate Airsoft players in Vienna, Austria.
  • Vienna-based Tech support team.
Muzzle Energy: 0.8-1.1 J (0.36g BBs), FPS: 300-330fps (0.20g BBs) Weight: 510g (without magazine) Using High-Pressure Gas at more than 10°C can break your magazine's seal! Follow this chart to make sure your magazines will last for a long time and to get the best performance out of your SSX23.
Temperature Ideal Gas Ideal BBs
0°C to 5°C Super High Pressure (Nimrod Black Gas) 0.28g
6°C to 10°C High Pressure (Nimrod Red Gas) 0.36g
11°C to 20°C Medium Pressure (Nimrod Green Gas) 0.36g
21°C to 50°C Low Pressure (Nimrod Blue Gas) 0.36g
Shipping details for all countries
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Battlebelt Gen3

For most gear setups, a battle belt is essential. A proper one should fit you well while having enough space for everything you need on the field. At the same time, it should be sturdy not to tear apart and ideally be available in different colors, allowing you to choose the one that fits your style and environment the most. If you're looking for something like that, you're in the right place. Made from upgraded laser-cut nylon material, the sturdiness of the Battlebelt Gen3 will let you use it for a long time in the roughest battles. Available in new colors and 3 different sizes. If you want to make your setup more secure and connected, check out the Harness Gen3 as well. The Amber Camouflage was developed in-house. If you want to learn more, click here. Click for Size Info
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Harness Gen3

The new generation of the Novritsch Harness. While some players like to keep it super simple by wearing only a belt, our go-to setup is pairing it up with this Harness as it makes the gear more secure and connected. Works perfectly with the new (3rd gen) Battlebelt. Made from upgraded laser-cut nylon material, the sturdiness of the harness will let you use it for a long time in the roughest battles. Thanks to the high adjustability, one size will fit all. Available in new colors. The Amber Camouflage was developed in-house. If you want to learn more, click here.  The harness should be hand washed.
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Modular Suppressor - V2

This Product is also available for Germany
Sound-reducing suppressor with a rectangular shape and acoustic foam inside. All our pistols can be holstered with this suppressor attached. Length: 170mm / 110mm / 80mm
  • SSE18 Variant has the standard airsoft 14mm CCW thread and can be used with most airsoft replicas. NOT suitable for other GBB Glocks as it will not fit into a holster.
  • SSP18 Variant clamps onto the Thread Protector. You need the protector to attach the suppressor because it has no thread. Works well with other GBB Glocks with thread + protector, can be holstered.
  • SSX23/Mk23 Variant is compatible with the SSX23. It has a 16mm CW thread.
Rifle Compatible
SSG10 A1 Yes, 14mm CCW with adapter
SSG10 A2 Yes, 14mm CCW with adapter
SSG10 A3 Yes, 14mm CCW with adapter
SSG 24 Yes, 14mm CCW with adapter
SSG96 Yes, 14mm CCW with adapter
SSX303 Yes, 14mm CCW
SSR15 Yes, 14mm CCW
SSR90 Yes, 14mm CCW
SSR4 Yes, 14mm CCW
Pistol Compatible
SSP18 Clamp with thread protector
SSX23 Yes 16mm CW
SSE18 Yes 14mm CCW
SSP5 Yes 14mm CCW with this adapter.

For Germany, we now provide  SSP18 & SSE18 fully assembled F-marked suppressors.

For Belgium, Denmark and Switzerland please choose “Suppressor and Foam separated” for all other countries standard is fine.

 Customers from Switzerland need an import permit to purchase any suppressor.

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ASU Combat Shirt

Combat shirt designed for action. The mix of durable material on the arms with the stretchable material allows for ease of movement and durability.


  • Pockets for elbow pads.
  • Size adjustable with straps
  • Arm pockets.
  • Velcro straps for patches.
65% Polyester / 35% Cotton. Wash at 30C° - mild detergent - tumble dry low. Combat Shirt Size Chart
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ASU Combat Pants

Combat pants designed for action. The kneepads and breathable stretch zones will provide comfortable and fluid movement when on the field.


  • Height adjustable knee protectors.
  • Heavy-duty belt loops.
  • Multitool Pocket.
  • Size adjustable velcro straps.
  • Pockets including a mag holder.
65% Polyester / 35% Cotton. Wash at 30C° - mild detergent - tumble dry low. Combat Pants Size Chart
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Lightweight Dayton

I like to run around the battlefield and shoot people from a distance, up close or somewhere in between. It doesn't matter. To do that efficiently, I chose to use the SSG10 A3 because it's lightweight and with the folding stock, I can basically turn it into a pistol if I need to 😉 It's just yummy.

As a backup, I like to run the non-blowback suppressed SSX23 because I like the look on the enemies' faces when they have no idea where the shot came from. Priceless. 

As the base for the whole setup, the Battlebelt is the way to go. The velcro on the inside prevents it from slipping and turning around which is a nice touch. You don't know how much you need that until you try it.

Finally, the uniform is the new KreuzOtter camo. It's just sweet and different from all the other patterns.