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There are two basic types of belts for airsoft:

  • Battlebelts – strong load-bearing platforms for all your holsters and pouches
  • Tactical belts – simple, loop-through-pants belts that can hold a few things like a holster.
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Battlebelt Gen3

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What to look out for with Tactical Belts?

This one is rather easy. On an airsoft belt, there are not many things that can be overlooked.

  • Material: go with sturdy stuff like nylon. You need the belt to be firm and carry weight if needed.
  • The buckle: usually, the simpler, the better with these duty belts. The reason is that there just isn't anything that could break when under stress.
  • Size: A straightforward thing; pick something that fits. One note for the Velcro belt - it is made so that everyone buys XXXL and shortens it in a minute or two perfectly to his/hers size.
  • Color: not much to add here. Either you prefer it, or you don't.


If you plan to get a Battlebelt, definitely get the Velcro Tactical Belt. The combination of these two makes it an OP belt due to the velcro.

When should you use an Airsoft Battlebelt?

There are two main situations. Either you want a compact carrying platform that doesn't add much weight, or you want some extra carrying capacity when your Plate Carrier just doesn't cut it.

This makes a Battlebelt perfect for both a short, lightweight game of airsoft and a long, multi-day MILSIM.

What to look out for when buying an Airsoft Battlebelt?

Well, if you're getting the Novritsch one, you just pick your size and preferred color. But to mention some important features that your Battlebelt shouldn't miss out on:

  • Material: Again, you want something that lasts, like nylon. Moreover, if you're getting a camo belt, make sure it's UV resistant and doesn't fade in a few games.
  • MOLLE: Your Airsoft Battlebelt should come with a MOLLE. It's the industry standard with all the pouches you could think of available.
  • Buckle: this one may come as a no-brainer to some, but belts are sometimes sold without a buckle - meaning you have to buy an extra belt for it to be used.
  • Size: there are basic sizes, but it's practical to have a belt that's at least a bit adjustable. You know how it is, Christmas come each year, and you have to wear a jacket under your belt. 😁
  • Features: These are nice to have but still practical. Some holsters allow you to attach harnesses for extra stability. Some can loop a belt through the MOLLE, allowing for belt-compatible pistol holsters. All that may be useful someday.