Being Molle compatible, these pouches are made in multiple color variants using sturdy nylon fibers.
Most magazine pouches come with retention cords and inserts.
Full Seal pouches are great for snipers as they keep the BBs clean.

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MOLLE Mag Pouch: What to look out for when choosing?

Getting a proper pouch setup is very important when you want to have a reliable and smooth experience playing airsoft. With years of textile development experience, we designed our pouches to check all of the important boxes in this category. Let's sum them up briefly:

  • Proper fit & easy access: this one is often the most important feature of any mag pouch. A proper pouch should have a firm magazine fit while still allowing for easy access. The best way to achieve that is to look for pouches with adjustable retention - using a shock cord for instance.
  • MOLLE compatibility: This one is pretty straightforward. For the most modular experience, opt for the MOLLE system which offers the largest amount of pouch mounting options. As simple as that.
  • Durable fabrics: Especially with gas magazines, your pouches are carrying valuable items. For that reason, you should focus on getting pouches that are extremely durable. Look for nylon pouches. Or you can take our word that Novritsch pouches can withstand a true beating.
  • Suitable colors: If you're running a camouflaged setup, the patterns may differ. This is especially true with cheap Asian pouches and camouflage goods. If you buy from trusted retailers, this should not be an issue.

Discover all our pouches and their compatibility with other magazines

What's the best AK Mag Pouch?

The AK magazines are a bit beefier than the regular AR/M4 Mags. For this reason, they fit the best in our DMR Pouch which can give you a firm fit combined with a great access. Make sure to check them out!

What to use as an MP5 Mag Pouch?

If you wish to use an MP5 or the Hpa adapters, you have two pouch options. The Evo Mag Pouch & Open SMG Magazine Pouch are tested and work well with the long MP5 magazines. It all depends on your preferences.

How to Molle?

For some, it's straightforward, for others, it's something to learn.

Check out this gif to see how to molle your pouch perfectly in order to have it as safe and fixed as possible.