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Communication is the key to success in any airsoft team. We use the Baofeng Tactical Radio as a base solution. On top of that, you can use different PTTs and accessories.

If you plan to use Headset V1 or V2, make sure to get the Standard PTT as well.

What setup do you need to communicate with a headset in airsoft?

A tactical radio setup typically consists of a radio, a push-to-talk (PTT) button, and headphones. Here are all the parts you might need:

  1. Radio: The radio is the main component of the setup and is used to transmit and receive communication. The Tactical Radio is designed to be rugged and durable and comes with features such as long battery life, multiple channels, and the ability to operate in different frequency bands.
  2. Push-to-talk button (PTT): The PTT button is used to transmit communication through the radio. There is one on the side of the radio, but for usage with headphones, we strongly recommend using a separate device. It's super simple and
  3. Headphones: Headphones are used to listen to communication through the radio. Several types of headphones can be used with a tactical radio setup. For the optimal for you, see the comparison below:

What's the best airsoft headset for me?

Let's see what your preferences are:

Headset V1 and Premium Headset V1

  • Actively muffles loud noises (shots, grenades going off, etc.) while boosting quiet sounds like footsteps.
  • Great PTT connectivity with all sorts of setups.
  • Ear protection against all BB impacts
  • Can be mounted to a helmet seamlessly
  • Looks cool!
  • Can increase sweating (and keep you warm in winter)
  • Prices can exceed 100 bucks
  • Might get less comfortable after excessive wear time
  • You need AAA batteries for some functions

Headset V2

  • Compact solution with the same PTT connectivity.
  • Lower profile with the same microphone quality as V1
  • Fair price at around 25 bucks
  • No batteries required
  • Missing full ear protection
  • You still need a PTT for comms to work.
  • May also get a bit uncomfortable after a long time

Intercom PTT

  • Most affordable solution
  • Wearing it for a long time causes no extra discomfort
  • No batteries required
  • Already comes with the connector that goes into your radio
  • Missing full ear protection
  • Incoming sounds may be loud, giving you away
  • The microphone isn't in front of your mouth by default

Should I get a spare radio battery?

If you go into one-day games, the answer is most likely no. If, however, you also go for longer MILSIMs with limited charging options, then make sure to consider it.