Airsoft Guns

Novritsch Airsoft guns are structured in systems. There is something for everyone:

Airsoft Sniper Rifles – The SSG10 and other long-range airsoft replicas
Pistols – Airsoft sidearms for closer ranges. Both stealthy and Full Auto.
Rifles – AEGs for all-around use. Powered by LiPo. For both forest and CQB.

Airsoft Sniper Rifles (185)

Airsoft Pistols (291)

Airsoft Rifles (273)

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What’s the best Airsoft gun for me?

If you are starting with airsoft, in about 80 % of cases, the correct answer is going to be an AEG or airsoft electric gun. The best option here would be the Novritsch SSR4 as it's the best bang for your buck. Alternatively, if you play on smaller urban fields, the Novritsch SSR90 is a great pick, too!

In case you’re already familiar with airsoft, we recommend checking our Sniper Rifle systems. The Novritsch Sniper rifles have a proven track record with large amounts of users. The SSG10 A1 is even considered to be one of the best airsoft guns for snipers, out of the box.

Can Airsoft guns fire automatically?

Not all airsoft guns allow for automatic fire. Spring airsoft guns (snipers), for example, are mostly bolt action operated. However, especially if you are about to get your first airsoft rifle, the Full Auto feature is good to have. It gives you more firepower, offsetting advantages experienced players may have over you.

If you are from Germany, we at Novritsch offer German-specific airsoft guns. These do not fire in Full Auto when above 0.5 Joules, and they also come with an F-mark, ensuring you’re 100 % safe and legal.

What’s the difference compared to cheap Airsoft guns from other stores?

The first and foremost difference is the build quality. Even if advertised as full metal airsoft guns, many cheap airsoft replicas use a poor alloy that easily crumbles. In addition, these more affordable guns may use low-quality plastic parts on the inside that only withstand a limited number of shots.

None of this is really true with Novritsch airsoft guns. We have always focused on build quality, as well as the elimination of excess wobble and other manufacturing imperfections. That’s what makes our airsoft guns unique and reliable. For airsoft sniper rifles, we even offer a 25 year-long warranty.

Airsoft guns FAQ:

When it comes to selecting an airsoft gun, it’s good to know your basics. That’s why we answered the most common questions:

What’s the best Airsoft gun?

The right answer depends on the user. Electrically powered airsoft guns such as the Novritsch SSR4 are often recommended for beginners. The rechargeable batteries make them easy and cheap to use, which is favourable for many. If realism is what you seek, gas blowback pistols are an excellent tool for you. Airsoft replicas such as the Novritsch SSP18 are a great example.

If you’re looking for a spring-powered airsoft sniper rifle, the SSG10 or SSG96 are great options.

How do electric and gas airsoft guns differ?

The major difference is the source of power. With battery-powered replicas, the gun drains electricity that is then used to compress the air that drives the pellets. Even if not as realistic in regards to real steel, this technology is affordable, reliable and popular.

The gas-powered airsoft guns are, on the other hand, the peak of airsoft realism. Most of these offer blowback while utilizing full metal bodies – making them look and act super-cool. However, the realistic function brings a bunch of drawbacks to the table. These guns are a bit more expensive to operate, have smaller magazine capacities, and require more maintenance.

Types of Airsoft guns?

There are many different types of airsoft guns but besides the general rifle – pistol types, the guns are categorized by the type of power source they use:

  • Spring-powered: great for sniper rifles and cheaper pistols
  • Electric-powered: very popular with long/assault rifles. There are also some great pistols, such as the Novritsch SSE18.
  • Gas-powered: Realistic and predominantly used for pistols such as the SSP1.
  • HPA Systems: A bit niche but increasingly popular platform. Similar to the gas-operated replicas. Extremely reliable and accurate, even if more expensive and demanding.

Do Airsoft guns hurt?

They do not if used properly. Most fields nowadays ensure safety by measuring any airsoft guns on a chronograph. It is also required always to wear protection goggles/glasses to prevent irreversible eye damage. Combined with the recommended mouth protection, airsoft is genuinely safe and pain-free.

If you are still concerned, you can read more details in our blog post.