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We are primarily Airsoft players with decades of combined experience who managed to turn passion into a business that operates worldwide across all different time zones. We love the sport, and we actively go to the field, spend time with the community, and use the products we offer on a regular basis. Therefore, you can be sure that we only offer good stuff that is tested in the field. Prior to releasing anything for you to purchase on the website, everything goes through formal testing as well as several informal airsoft games in which we use and abuse the heck out of it. The NOVRITSCH Headquarters is located in Vienna, Austria.

Day 1

Arguments for Airsoft, from Christoph to his parents. (2008)

All-Around Compatibility

At, you can get every single product you need for playing Airsoft in a way that the items will work together. Compatibility is one of our highest priorities.

Exceptional Spare Part Availability

Providing every spare part for our replicas has been a core element of our mission. No need to look for parts that may or may not be comaptible.

Knowledge Support

Airsoft can be complicated, but not with us. Besides our free “Start Airsoft” video course, we provide detailed academy videos for all of our replicas. And in case you have any questions, our support team is happy to assist.

Optimized for Modern Airsoft

Full Textile Lineup

For a lifetime

Besides moving away from plastic packaging, we design products with durability in mind. On top of that, we provide every spare part our customers might need, so they’ll never have to get rid of their guns.
In the end, the only things Novritsch customers leave behind, are biodegradable BBs.