Sniper Rifles

All Novritsch Airsoft Sniper Rifles are developed by experienced Airsoft Techs. No more upgrades are needed. There are 3 systems. Continue reading

The SSG10 System (132)

The SSG10 System

is simply our most sold airsoft gun. You can choose between the A1 (Best bang for your buck), A2 (Classic sniper rifle with no compromise), and A3 (The pinnacle of efficiency) #Precise #Durable #Customizable
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The SSG96 System (99)

The SSG96 System

is a variant of the loved L96 airsoft sniper rifle. However, it’s significantly improved. The rifle is heavier with precision sniper inner parts and an improved Stock. Reinforced with nylon and with a Cheek Rest, this is the classic. #L96 #Improved #Reliable #Precise
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The TAC338 System (71)

The TAC338 System

is a premium, limited edition rifle designed with an official licence from McMillan USA. The TAC338 uses the internals of the trusted and verified SSG24, ensuring reliability. Moreover, it comes with a nylon fibre reinforced stock. #Durable #Accurate #Unique
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What is the best Airsoft Sniper Rifle for me?

There are multiple solid options for spring sniper rifles and airsoft snipers in general. When selecting, you should consider how experienced you are, where you play, and what your preferences are.

If you have a forest field around and are aware of the spring-powered rifle drawbacks, there are two main options: The SSG96 and the SSG10 platformThe SSG96 is a classic, following a beloved design language while having all the upgrades you'd ever need. The SSG10 platform, on the other hand, offers the same performance but in a slick, customizable package. There, the optimal answer depends on your personal feelings and preferences!

Are there any laws and regulations on Airsoft Sniper Rifles?

You should be aware of two types of regulations: the local law and the field rules. Law concerns depend on the country you are from. This applies especially if you're from France or the UK, where there are some limitations. Most of the time, you need to be at least 18 years of age. The best thing to tackle these is to check out our Shipping Overview.

Regarding local field rules, check how strong your sniper rifle can be to comply with them and then choose accordingly. Remember that with bolt action sniper rifles, you can always buy a spare spring to adjust performance easily.

How Strong can an Airsoft Sniper Rifle shoot?

The correct answer is strongly tied to the power variant of the rifle you choose. The strongest airsoft sniper rifle you can get from Novritsch shoots at 5 Joules, which is roughly 700 fps or 210 m/s with 0,2 g BBs. Anything below that is easily achievable with a weaker spring. That's why we also offer 500, 460, or 330 fps variants of our rifles.

Are Airsoft Sniper Rifles best when spring/bolt powered?

In our opinion, yes. There are other alternatives, such as HPA snipers, but the options we offer have proven to be accurate, reliable, and simple to both use and maintain. This combination is super grateful when it comes to airsoft sniping.

How do spring Airsoft Snipers work?

The system is fairly simple. Inside such a rifle, there is a piston that is powered by the spring. The piston compresses air that later gives the required energy to your BB. You, as the shooter, have to compress the spring every time you want to fire. This allows for fewer parts in such rifles - giving them their longevity.

What are the benefits of Airsoft Sniper Rifles?

As mentioned earlier, these systems are very reliable and can withstand many airsoft games without the need for maintenance. Moreover, the sniper rifles from Novritsch are one of the most accurate systems you can get out of the box, allowing you to outrange and outplay most other players. The simplicity of these systems contributes significantly to their durability, ensuring they last through rigorous use.

What are the drawbacks of Airsoft Sniper Rifles?

Spring sniper rifles are limited by their manual cocking mechanism, which requires you to manually reload after each shot. This significantly hampers the firing rate compared to gas or AEG counterparts, reducing effectiveness in scenarios involving rapid engagement or multiple targets.

What is the most popular type of Airsoft Sniper Rifle?

The SSG10 A1 Rifle is our most popular spring-powered sniper. This is due to the fact that it offers a premium level of accuracy and consistency within a compact body for an exceptional price.