The great thing about Novritsch rifles is that they are pre-upgraded and versatile: you can easily use them in both CQBs and outdoors. When choosing, consider multiple factors… Continue reading

The SSR9 System (136)

The SSR9 System

SSR9 is a versatile platform designed for the practical airsofter. It is a perfect match for people starting their airsoft journey as much as for people playing airsoft for years. The SSR9 (The Classic) suits any situation, and the DSG variant is ideal for CQB environments.
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The SSR4 System (165)

The SSR4 System

was designed to be the first and last rifle you’ll ever need. We went beyond a typical entry-level gun, combining utilitarian design language with parts focused on consistent performance over a long time period. Long story short, this airsoft gun will be there for you for a very long time!
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The SSR63 System (166)

The SSR63 System

with 3 available variants, it's the perfect pre-upgraded AEG to compete against all the M4s. There is the A1 (Classic design), the A2 (Modern M-LOK furniture), and the A3 (Futuristic DMR). #Deutschland #Precision #Efficiency
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The SSQ22 System (143)

The SSQ22 System

The SSQ22 is a snappy Gas Blowback Rifle. Given the ease of use, it is the best way to get into GBBRs. The design is modern and comes with upgraded features improving accuracy and user experience. #GBBR #Realism #DMR
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The SSX303 System (156)

The SSX303 System

makes you a Stealth Marksman. This Carbine allows you to outplay snipers with its precision. Thanks to a CNC aluminum body and a minimalist design, it is also super-lightweight. Definitely get a suppressor to take out enemies quietly. #PureAirsoft #Accurate #Stealthy #Lightweight
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The SSR90 System (106)

The SSR90 System

gives you everything you expect from an AEG in a compact package. Licenced by FN Herstal, this FN P90 variant is the dream of all Star Gate/CS:GO fans. Make sure to put in a LiPo battery to get an unbeatable fire rate. Precision and attachment options for the win! #FireRate #RushB #CQBfriendly
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How do we name our Rifles?

Which airsoft Rifle is made for me?

Electric Airsoft Rifles VS Gas Airsoft Rifles: Difference?

There is a substantial difference. In general, Gas Airsoft Rifles are about immersion, realism and snappy action. With Electric Airsoft Rifles, the key focus is on simple operation and efficient firepower.

In most cases, going electric is the option recommended to beginners. That is for a good reason. You plug in the battery, load it with BBs, and your gun is good to go. Almost no maintenance is required and these replicas offer a great deal of reliability these days.

With Gas Rifles, it’s getting a bit more tricky. You have heavier, more expensive magazines. You need to keep your rifle fairly maintained and you generally don’t get as much firepower as you would with an AEG. Yet, many people opt for the Gas Rifles as the feeling you get from them is purely awesome. However, you need to know your way around in airsoft a bit in order not to get outplayed.

Can Airsoft Rifles shoot Full Auto?

From a technical standpoint, yes. Most of the rifles can easily go Full Auto. This is especially true with the SSR90 and the SSR4. However, you should make sure that you are legally allowed to shoot/buy an airsoft gun that can do Full Auto.

For instance, in Germany, you can only get a Full Auto replica if the gun is under 0.5 Joules. But don’t worry. We have you covered on this one. Just check the gun you like and you will find this information right in the description!

How to make Airsoft Rifles more powerful?

This depends on how powerful you want your Rifle to be. With electric replicas from NOVRITSCH, you get up to 1,6 Joules with the stronger variants, which is easy enough for all outdoor fields. Before going up with the power, you should always check the limits of the place you intend to play in.

With our replicas, we don’t recommend going up with the power. You can sometimes increase the output power with other replicas by checking the air seal (especially in the Hop-Up chamber) or exchanging the spring. Just be aware that a spring that is too strong may damage your gearbox!

How do I maintain and care for my airsoft rifle?

Proper maintenance and care are crucial to keep an airsoft rifle in good working condition. Here are some general tips:

  • Cleaning: Clean the barrel with a cleaning rod and a soft cloth to prevent accuracy loss due to dirt and debris.
  • Battery Care: For AEGs, properly charge and store batteries to extend their life and performance.
  • Storage: Store the rifle in a cool, dry place and avoid leaving it loaded to protect the spring’s integrity.

What is the best type of airsoft rifle for beginners?

For beginners, an electric airsoft rifle (AEG) is what we recommend. In our case, that would be the SSR4. These rifles are reliable, easy to use, and require less maintenance compared to gas rifles. AEGs also offer more consistent performance in all weather conditions and have a wide range of upgrades available, which makes them versatile as skills improve.

What are the legal rules for owning an airsoft rifle?

The legal rules for owning an airsoft rifle can vary significantly depending on the country and sometimes even between regions within a country. Generally, airsoft guns are regulated by laws regarding their sale, use, and transportation. Many places require that airsoft rifles have an orange tip to distinguish them from real firearms. It’s important to check local and national laws to ensure compliance.