SSG-10 & SSG-96 25 years of free spareparts.

Since we truly believe in the durability of the SSG-10/96, we are including a 25 year free spare parts supply with every rifle. If you play with the SSG-10/96 for many years and a part breaks or is worn to a degree that the rifle does not function properly, you will get the sparepart for free. The only thing you have to cover is shipping. This can be done in combination with another order at if the sparepart is in stock.

Excluded parts:
Hopup Bucking

The process:

If a part breaks and you are sure it didn't happen because of wrong assembly, a third party part or wrong use of the product - Fill out the below form. If you are not sure if the part is covered, please check out the list below for reference.
It is important that you describe the problem clearly and that you attach a picture that shows exactly what is broken or wrong with your rifle. Once we are in contact with you via e-mail, you can also send us more pictures and videos if necessary.


Within two years after the purchase, this Airsoft gun can be sent in for repair. After these two years, the customer has to install spare parts him/herself and it will not be done by our service techs anymore.

Our Service Team will evaluate your claim and give you feedback within 1 working day.
Broken partCoveredI used the gun as intended and a sear inside the trigger snapped while playing.
Initial problemCoveredI unpacked the gun and the hopup bucking ripped on the third shot.
Irregular wearCoveredAfter 24 years my cylinder doesnt lock back any more because I used it for every weekend the last 24 years.
Maliciously actions.Not coveredAs a user I get angry at airsoft and smash the gun to the ground and something broke.
Hopup WearNot coveredAfter half a year my hopup bucking is getting used up and doesnt hop/seal well enough. (Regular wear will happen to all HopUp buckings)
Major AirleakcoveredMy gun lost a majority of the muzzle power because the pistonsealcap got damaged during regular use.
Tiny AirleakNot coveredWhen I seal the inner barrel and pull the trigger I can hear air slowly leaking out over a longer period of time. When I take the finger off the inner barrel, some seconds after the shot the pop is not very loud. (The BB leaves the barrel in under 20 milliseconds after the triggerpull so this will not influence the function of the gun)
LostNot coveredI lost my cheekrest on the field / I dissassembled the gun and didnt take care of the screws so I only have half of them left.
Wrong AssemblyNot coveredI broke the cylinderthread because I didn't put on the cylinderhead straight and force threaded it in anyways.
I used the inner barrel to push out a barrel spacer and now it is bent.
3rd Party PartNot coveredI installed a product from another brand into my rifle and now part XYZ broke.
Unsmooth boltpullNot coveredAfter I fired many shots with my rifle my bolt doesn't freedrop into the receiver anymore. I can hear and feel a light scratching.
Impossible boltpull / returncoveredI need to use two hands to pull/return the bolt because a part inside my SSG-10 bent or broke completely.
Visual damageNot coveredMy receiver is scratched and dirty while still working as intended.